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Cosmic Dancer :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 3 1 Meet The Family :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 2 0 Atlas :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 2 1 The Traveler :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 2 4
Dance of the Night
Come my dear,
Come, step into the night.
Sweeping, sliding, entranced
In this dance.
You're divine,
Your love giving me the taste of light
Shadows, and angels
Fighting with their hold-
Soon my dear,
We won't have to wait.
Nurture me,
Embrace all I am,
All I can be
Look at my eyes,
You see I am sincere?
Your gaze, pierces me
It's hard to say,
Hard to wait
Hard to kiss.. "goodnight"
You.. shine a hole
in my heart.
So it's hard to keep
A tight grip on your light.
Oh, angel,
Burning bright,
A sun in the
Star filled sky.
But soon eclipsed
By the enveloping night.
Oh, embrace my thumping heart,
The thought burns with pain,
Such a beautiful delight.
Two sides, now whole.
Oh angel,
I charmed from the sky
Take my hand,
We'll dance into the night.
For our souls,
Our pasts may cry.
You're divine,
Shimmering in the evening light,
Quietly shivering,
under a butterfly breath.
In this waltz,
No longer of night,
Or of delirious day,
Our hearts beat as one.
In this dance,
Drop your charade.
Let your ey
:iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 1 1
Mature content
A Taste Of Magic :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 5 5
Look Closer.. :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 3 0 The Scars That Never Healed :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 4 2 I'm here :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 4 1 The Queen Has Fallen :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 23 9 Cherub :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 4 0 Anna :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 5 0
Mature content
Embrace of The Blood :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 9 2
The Whites Are Missing From My Eyes :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 15 8 Suri :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 19 18 Mistaking The Peculiar For The Mundane (original) :iconannabelle-ailuros:Annabelle-Ailuros 4 2


The cats meow :icongrimigeist:Grimigeist 2 2 5NaF Full Poster :iconmurderinklastresort:MurderInkLastResort 3 0 Mark's Crown :iconmurderinklastresort:MurderInkLastResort 2 0 Treasure Room (1) :iconmurderinklastresort:MurderInkLastResort 2 0 Marion :iconmurderinklastresort:MurderInkLastResort 3 0
Creepy Pasta: The Puppeteer
I had this doll for quite a while now. 
It was a beautiful porcelain doll. You know, the way that most porcelain doll looks like. I was just like that. Wavy, long blonde curls. Black eyes. A beautiful pink and red dress with a typical headband with lace around the edges. It was a doll I received from my mother at an early age. At that age I always thought it was such a pretty doll - A perfect look. My grandmother had almost fifty dolls of that kind. All of them beautiful, perfect porcelain dolls. But this one in particular, the blonde with the red dress, I will always remember. 
Because this is the one that would be the death of me.
I lived alone for quite awhile, had now. I had just gotten into college, seeing my whole life lay in front of me and all I had to do was to just go and pick out what I wanted. Easy as that. I was aiming for Psychology - A subject I had started to respect and enjoy the last three years. Seeing as my mother was a nurse and my dad a therapist, It was
:iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 1,175 349
-- :iconremarin:Remarin 361 9 Sketch Commission:. Jabberwocky :iconremarin:Remarin 416 13 :: Re:Zero Rem and Ram :: :iconsangrde:Sangrde 2,395 43 Winged Warrior :iconaria-suna-kunoichi:Aria-Suna-Kunoichi 8 0
What's going on with art theft
I've seen so many journals and posts on Instagram about art theft and it's really pissing me off. I understand how it feels since I've had my art stolen by 3 people and even one harassed me about it until their account was deleted back in 2015. This is completely not ok for people who have been working their butts off making art. Are people even trying to at least do something for themselves? Nevertheless steal from others. Artists would like credit for their artwork and at least some recognition so that others know who drew it. It's not fair that each time people submit something awesome, it just has to be taken away by others for views, followers and even profit!
I can not stress this telling someone to give credit to the artist and be butthurt about it. How about you pull your adult pants up and own up that you took something that isn't rightfully yours. Some people do not know this because they think that sharing pictures isn't counted for as theft but it is. It's a felony and a cy
:iconroyouten:Royouten 2 11
Xaanik Ref Sheet (Mid 2016 - Current) :iconsilverpsychopomp:SilverPsychopomp 15 8 :: Oriental Vampire :: :iconsangrde:Sangrde 1,317 35
Mature content
Claymore (darksouls concept) :iconanatofinnstark:AnatoFinnstark 184 18



I can't believe that I now have 7000 page views  on my profile ^__^ it's amazing how many people took the time to view my humble work. Maybe in the future more will come to enjoy my pieces and accompany me on my journey to become better (through watching, of course).

But.. thank you all who stick with me now. I really appreciate your patience and understanding, and hope you continue to follow me on this journey ^^
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Meet The Family
A gift piece for a friend of mine.. shows our characters as they  are in his stories.. a haphazard, pieced together family of assassins.

the front and center character is Melanie, a newer OC of mine. she's blind
the woman in the red dress is Viper, i hope you guys remember her
the male with glasses is Linden, belongs to Mykel
and the male in the mask is Cipher, also belongs to Mykel.
A character belonging to :iconmiss-yazriel:, this is a Basilisk eel, a closed species by her as well. fun to draw :)
The Traveler
A break piece from my latest project, it also doubles as a vent for how torn I've been for decision making lately.. I feel like I'm being pulled in every which way, and it's been relatively stressful, to be honest.


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Annabelle Ailuros
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United States
Simply an artist with too much time on her hands; I work on mostly my Anthro OC, Annabelle. Hope you enjoy what I have to offer. ^^


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techn0vert Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch! :love:
I greatly appreciate it! pokemon gif sylveon
PlexisOrion Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you soo much for the llama!!

If you could Please take a minute to check out my gallery here
Im sure there is something that will interest you...^_^

and thank you for watching if you do.
Annabelle-Ailuros Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a problem :)
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it means a lot Llama shy 
xXFireStarryXx Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello Dear~~!:33
((i just wonder if You do requests?QwQ))
Your arts are amazing !!:love:
Annabelle-Ailuros Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I do sometimes, but it takes me a while to do art, because I love putting quality into a sketch (as well as pushing the limits of what I can do on top of it), and I have to juggle work and a social life with it, too.

And right now I have one piece to finish, as well as a commission to start.

And thank you ^^ if you wouldn't mind giving me a watch, it would simply make my day :)

..Oh dear, looks like I rambled a bit. XD
xXFireStarryXx Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You ver ver welcome ~~!!:huggle:
Okay !!:D
For me time is no problem friend so don't worry :3
How about if You end all arts and have time, may choose one of my ocs and draw it ?x3 *they have  human ,anthro and animal version so as you like *
I would be ver great ful :D
And thats ok :)

Have a  great day !
Annabelle-Ailuros Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm alright with that :) I was looking through your gallery, I like a lot of them. X3
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Gii3 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! :D
Annabelle-Ailuros Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome:)
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