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Come my dear,
Come, step into the night.
Sweeping, sliding, entranced
In this dance.

You're divine,
Your love giving me the taste of light
Shadows, and angels
Fighting with their hold-

Soon my dear,
We won't have to wait.
Nurture me,
Embrace all I am,
All I can be

Look at my eyes,
You see I am sincere?
Your gaze, pierces me
It's hard to say,
Hard to wait
Hard to kiss.. "goodnight"

You.. shine a hole
in my heart.
So it's hard to keep
A tight grip on your light.

Oh, angel,
Burning bright,
A sun in the
Star filled sky.
But soon eclipsed
By the enveloping night.

Oh, embrace my thumping heart,
The thought burns with pain,
Such a beautiful delight.
Two sides, now whole.

Oh angel,
I charmed from the sky
Take my hand,
We'll dance into the night.
For our souls,
Our pasts may cry.

You're divine,
Shimmering in the evening light,
Quietly shivering,
under a butterfly breath.

In this waltz,
No longer of night,
Or of delirious day,
Our hearts beat as one.

In this dance,
Drop your charade.
Let your eyes-
Stare into mine.

Surrender to me,
If you do,
This wait will finally end,
And the feeling of dying
Will cease.

If you say "I love you",
Even in breath,
Maybe the music will let us break.

Look at us,
A slave to the beat of the drum.
But is the beat
Really instrument,
Or our hearts?

It's hard to say
Hard to say,
With it so loud.

Ooh, shine a hole in my heart
Light the dark
With your burning touch.

You can feel the bond
That holds us now,
Slave to tempo,
and soul.
Yet soon if we-
Then soon we will be one.

Are you ready,
To feel my power over you?
To taste, and feel a magic so rare?
A slave to my heart,
Me, a victim to your soul.
Let's end this night sweetly.
No goodbye, or farewell.
Dance with me,
For eternity.
A poem I wrote on a whim one night.. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic for two beings, one of the darkness, and one of heavenly light, falling in love with each other over the tempo of a drum. Their eternal quarreling to keep the Balance stopped by the drawing of two souls to each other despite the odds..
monkeeavatar Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So beautiful!!
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